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Do you own a car and have no more use for it? Perhaps you have travelled the county and have decided that you had travelled enough and it was time to sell your car.  Selling a car in the open market through classified ads or even eBay may not fetch you the amount you deserve for it. Depending on where you live, there are many car sales shop that offer you cash for your car.

This saves you the hassle of screening potential buyers. In addition, selling cars for cash means that you are paid immediately for the sale of your car.

Why try selling your car on any of the classifieds and wait weeks and weeks for the sale when you can just type in your details here and sell your car instantly.

We offer a great price every time and take the hassle out of selling your car.

You can make an appointment at a time of your convinience and you know exactly who we are so no more strangers meeting you!

First this is only our opinion, there are loads of websites, local papers and dealers who all seem to claim to be the best place to sell a car but this can be a bit of real mine field. Most websites like Autotrader and Ebay are costly and also can be time consuming. With the internet you seem to get a lot of people just looking to compair prices so make sure you post your advert correctly. With local papers there are not as many potential customers but can be handy if buyers are local. Dealers can be a bit of a box of tricks so I will put them into two different categories, i.e; your walk in car dealer and car buying websites.

Car dealers can be helpful in trading your car or selling for cash but in my experience, I think you are better off selling privately as dealers don't like to pay a lot for used cars. With internet car buying services, my advice would be to make sure you check their reviews and also if you agree a price on the internet, remember you have not sold your car just yet. When you arrive at their premises, the car has to be tested and here is where there can be a significant drop in price. However remember, if you don't like the price then walk away. However, at Sell a car for cash we always give you a top price and as long as you have describe the car accurately, you will get a great price when selling your used car.

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